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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  September 11, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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no matter how many years pass, no matter how many times we come together on this ground, know this, that you will never be alone. your loved ones will never be forgotten. >> 11 years after the attacks at the pentagon, new york and pennsylvania, president obama remembers those lost and ensures the world our country is safer and our people are resilient. welcome, i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell.
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it's september 11, 2012. with the ringing of the bell and a bugler playing "taps," president barack obama, first lady michelle obama and white house staffers observed a moment of silence for those who lost their lives 11 years ago. just one of many happening today. news 4s megan mcgrath live on the pentagon where another ceremony wrapped up. hey, megan. >> reporter: that's right. the ceremony just wrapped up here. many family members moved over to the victims memorial, which is closed to the general public, reserved for the family members to have a quiet moment this afternoon to reflect. the ♪ itself was short.
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only a few people spoke, including president barack obama. that was done on purpose. there was an effort here to keep this event low key and to limit the attendance to those who lost loved ones in the attack on the pentagon. the sunrises above the pentagon ushering in another solemn anniversary. 11 years ago today, 184 people were killed when flight 77, flying low with a terrorist at the controls slammed into the side of the building. >> it gives me chills every time i think of it. unfortunately, this is a sad day, but a day we grow as americans. >> i think people do remember. walking around, people seem to be more somber. i think it's very important that people don't forget it. >> reporter: it was 9:37 in the morning that the threat of terrorism became a shocking reality in the nation's capital. this morning at the pentagon, the painful moment was marked by a moment of silence.
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today's ceremony was smaller than years past to allow the families to mourn more privately. during his remarks, president barack obama offered his condolences and promised their loved ones did not die in vain. they were talken from us suddenly and too soon. to you and your families, the rest of us cannot imagine the pain you have endured these many years. we will never understand how difficult it's been for you to carry on. to summon that strength to rebuild your lives. >> reporter: because this ceremony was limited just to the families, a second service will be held later on this afternoon at 2:00. that's happening inside the pentagon's courtyard area. that will be for the larger pentagon community. reporting live from the pentagon, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. >> thanks. thousands of people ghered at the world trade center
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memorial sight to honor lives lost there. there were four moments of silence. >> a bell rang each time a plane hit the tower and one when each tower fell. this year's ceremony is different from years past. no politicians were asked to speak. only relatives read the names of the victims. at sunset, the tribute in light will stretch four miles into the sky inspired by the shape of the twin towers. >> it's an honor. it's a genuine honor to be back here today. but, like all the families we wish we weren't here. >> vice president, joe biden, spent the morning in shanksville, pennsylvania. he was where united airlines flight 93 crashed. he laid a wreath at the memorial
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of names. 40 passengers and crew died there. >> you are looking live at the capital steps. nancy pelosi is at the microphone holding a remembrance, a ceremony, a special ceremony today to remember all those who lost their lives in 9/11. a live look at the steps of the capital where that ceremony is taking place as we speak. in about 30 minutes, aaron gilchrist will emcee a special event in d.c. and hands on greater d.c. cares are sponsoring a day of service in freedom plaza. it's dedicated to supporting veterans and first responders. it's for volunteer recruitment. it starts at 11:30 this morning. terrible traffic on this tuesday because of some of the events happening around the city. for any of you who just got to
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work or spent hours on the road, you know the terrible traffic came a week late. back ups 20 miles long this morning. tony is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. i have to tell you the back ups are starting to clear. if you are headed out on the roads, have no fear. you'll have a little congestion, but not that bad. take a live look at 395 northbound by pentagon city. a little bit of congestion. we came through downtown on 395 south, which is totally clear. if you are headed that way, southbound, you are going to have a great commute. northbound is a little congested. allow a little bit of time on your commute. a lot of people tweeting at 1:10, it was congested. it took two hours to go a couple miles. we passed 110 and it's moving great in both directions. if you are headed out, like i said this afternoon f you are headed to work late or to lunch, you are going to have a good
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commute. if you are headed on 395 use a little bit or put extra time on your commute. we heard the president's motorcade might be leaving for the pentagon soon. there might be traffic delays. i have to tell you now, 395 and 110 are not looking too bad. back to you. >> that's good to hear. thank you very much for that. let's check on the traffic and see how things are moving in other areas now. >> mike is in with the latest. >> keith, things are looking much better out there now. we had an earlier problem on the inner loop and toll road. eastbound toll road approaching the beltway and slow on the beltway after 270 off and on to the toll road. tapping on the brakes after the tollway. hov delays north of duke street about 20 minutes from the beltway to the 14th street bridge at 33 miles an hour. back to you.
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>> thank you, mike. turning to the weather now, what a beautiful day. look at the sunshine. blue sky. couldn't be better. >> yeah, couldn't be better. this morning, it was chilly, again. tom joins us with the forecast. hey, tom. >> it was the coldest morning since way last spring. in many locations out in western maryland and west virginia, it got down to the upper 30s this morning. now, around the region with that strong september sun pouring down, we are warming up. all of this thanks to the high pressure moving in and centered over us. big area of high pressure giving us a very gentle wind, a clear sky and temperatures, as a result are beginning to warm up. the areas in green are 60s. the areas in the yellow, 70s. southern maryland, the eastern shore, southeastern virginia, areas to the north, mid-60s.
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a fresh and cool morning under way. temperatures around the metro area 72 at reagan national. right now, much of prince george, arlington and fairfax 70. montgomery county 60s. i'll have the forecast for the week ahead. the storm team 4 seven day outlook in a few minutes. >> we can't wait. yo will see heightened security at metro. montgomery county, officers are using a safety tool. they are carrying devices that detect radiation. a hit causes lights to flash and a vibration or audio signal. they bought 40 of these detectors with federal grant money. >> the type of radiation we are trying to detect would be the ideal ingredient for a weapon of mass destruction.
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an ingredient the terrorists would like to use. >> they say there's no threat, they are being proactive. a spokesperson says during the few months they have used the devices, there's only been one alarm. the five men accused of one of the deadliest shootings will be convicted today. they will all learn their fates today. they carried out a series of violent crimes in 2010. the shooting killed three and injured six. in all, they killed five and injured nine in a series of revenge attacks that prosecutors say started over stolen costume jewelry. all five face life in prison. >> the time is now 11:10. still to come, the first lady is headed south. the visit that's been planned for weeks. plus, the latest from chicago where sports and more
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are being canceled because of a
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this morning, senior u.s. officials are confirming the number two al qaeda leader in nemen was killed. he was killed by a missile from a u.s. drone. five other militants were killed in an attack. he was released from guantanamo bay in 2007. many feel he was involved in the underwear bomber plot. taking time to remember the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. many are remembering. the u.s. launched the war in afghanistan less than a month after the attacks in 2001 to go
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after the taliban and al qaeda leaders who planned that day. >> today, you are getting a break from vicious campaign ads for this one day. president obama and mitt romney agree to take down their negative ads in honor of 9/11. neither one will appear at any overtly political event, either. the president and john mccain dismissed their cams four years ago and visited ground zero together. michelle obama will visit the university of mary in washington on thursday. she was supposed to go several weeks ago but canceled after the colorado movie theater shooting. hundreds of thousands of chicago students once again out of school as teachers strike for a second day. negotiations between the teachers union and the school board are supposed to start again soon. they have not been able to
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agree. one is a change to how teachers are evaluated. with the evaluations based on the students standardized test scores. the two sides can't agree on health, benefits, pensions and job security. imagine being a parent right now. you want this thing resolved so your kid can get back to school. >> this should end fast. >> it's ludicrous. >> they need to pay these teachers. they make everyone who they are today. >> chicago mayor, rahm emanuel says the teachers cannot agree on evaluations and who hires them. he faces local principals as opposed to school district leaders. >> let's talk about the weather. that's good news out there. tom, keep it coming. >> let's talk a lot about it. >> let's go. let's go. >> everybody i see walks down the hall smiling at me, happy. >> you are everybody's best friend now. >> i'll take it while i can. >> you know it's going to
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change. let's hear about it. how long is it going to last? >> it was a cold start, down into the 40s. much of the region starting around dawn. then, the sun, this time of year, climbs high in the sky. the price we pay for all of this, the storms we had on saturday, that was the front we had. it brought us this gorgeous weather. then, look at this rainbow, this wonderful picture sent in by joyce and paul smith after the storms came through there sent to this was after the storms ended. since then, we have had this gorgeous weather move in. there is is sapphire blue sky over the potomac now. there's capitol hill in the distance. just to the right there, down river at reagan national airport, temperature 72 degrees. the dew point, comfortably dry, down to the low mid-40 dew
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point. that's the driest air we have had since last spring. humidity very low. the wind is gentle. high pressure is on top of us. temperatures elsewhere into the upper 60s. much of virginia to near 70 degrees as well as most of maryland and around the bay and the eastern shore. in ocean city this morning, it was around 50 degrees right there on the atlantic ocean. farther to the west, mid-60s. mountains of western maryland and west virginia, many of those locations were down to near 40 degrees. a cold start this morning. this is due to this huge area of high pressure giving this entire eastern two-thirds of the country from the central plains to the atlantic sea board. new england down to northern florida, this huge air mass is centered on top of us to the west, right over northern west virginia. we are right in the middle of this. a lot of dry air with us. this is what's going to happen
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in the next day or so. tomorrow afternoon, this high is going to slowly move off the coast. the dry air still with us. it's going drift away as we move into friday. the humidity increasing a little bit. still not very humid. we'll have the winds beginning to shift to the south and southwest. it brings in clouds friday evening and a front moving in to the midwest on friday during the afternoon. then beginning to come toward us for the weekend. that will bring a change for the weather. for the rest of the afternoon, enjoy this gorgeous sunshine, dry air, temperatures upper 70s, near 80 by mid afternoon back to the low 70s by early evening. we'll have a clear sky this evening. sunset, 7:22. by midnight, mid-60s with a light wind. dawn tomorrow, not as chilly as this morning. average low 64 this time of year. it's going to be ten degrees cooler than average. wednesday, near 80. another gorgeous day tomorrow. low humidity and lots of sun.
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a touch more humidity and pleasant thursday and friday. into the weekend, the front may give us a passing shower. it looks like saturday night and sunday. right now, the dry day of the weekend, most of saturday and sunday looking wet. >> okay. well, we'll enjoy it while we got it. >> it can't last forever. >> i know. we still need rain don't we? >> yeah, we do. >> thank you, tom. let's head out to the roads. >> mike, how is it going? >> things look much better. northbound 295, we were seeing serious delays. they have eased up. accident activity near the dulles toll. slow getting to the beltway. the delays continue to river road. southbound delays heading toward the screen. a three minute ride to the beltway at 53 miles an hour. keith, barbara? >> thank you, mike. it's 11:20. still ahead, streeting obsessive
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♪ but it makes millions off west marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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a special fashion show is taking place this weekend to benefit st. judes research hospital. we are joined by april and a family. we have two of the family here right now, both of whom have experienced st. jude's firsthand. thank you for joining us. tell us about your experience with st. jude's hospital and where is it? >> sure. st. judes is located in memphis, tennessee. >> you flew down there and why?
11:25 am
>> leah had leukemia in november, 20106789 we were treated locally, but treatments weren't getting the job done. we needed something -- >> did your doctors here suggest that you try st. judes? >> it wauz combined effort on our family's part as well as our doctors. everyone was on board. we headed down to memphis and were able to get treatment down there. >> what was that experience like for you? >> st. jude's is wonderful. they gave us our child and saved her life. we met friends from all over the country, all over the world. it's a wonderful place. >> there you are. do you see yourself there, leah? that was you in those pictures. how are you feeling now? she talked to me a few minutes ago. now she's feeling shy. she looks well. april, i know that you are chairing this fashion show. why did you decide to do
11:26 am
something here in washington? >> st. jude, as you said, is an international organization. not enough people know about the organization and the monumental strides they are taking in curing children with childhood cancers and other deadly diseases. >> this is national childhood cancer awareness month, september is. there are events all over the country. what's going to happen at neiman marcus this weekend? >> we are going to have the second annual heart of fashion. it features a formal runway presentation, brunch and 100% of the donations go directly to st. jude. >> how much are the tickets to go to that? >> $150 for general admission and $300 if you would like to be a friend -- i'm sorry, $350 to be a friend of st. jude. >> how will the money be used? >> in so many ways.
11:27 am
they made leaps and bounds. 4% was the survival rate for a.l.l. today, it's 94%. the funds, the donations will further help the hospital run. it has a daily operating expense of $1.8 million. the funds go toward that for food, housing, transzation. we can ensure no family ever pays a penny at st. jude. >> log on to >> we have a number here. we are happy to see that you are feeling so good and running all over the place. you are going to have a sister or brother some time soon. thank you for coming to tell us about this. we know this work is very important as we celebrate national childhood cancer awareness month. thank you. >> thank you. >> keith? >> even if leah doesn't say
11:28 am
anything, her story says it all. what a cutie pie. coming up, police reaching out for help in the murder of a local high school student. who is now getting involved? plus, drivers are told to brace for the worst. it lasts for a year and a half. tom let's us
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right now on news 4 midday, president barack obama and michelle wrapped up a remembrance ceremony at the pentagon. they joined members of the military and remembering those killed in the attacks on september 11th, 11 years ago today. >> thousands of people gathered at the trade center to honor lives lost there. they were four moments of silence, one for each time a plane hit the tower and one for when a tower fell. joe biden was in shanksville, pennsylvania. it's where flight 93 crashed. he laid a wreath at the wall of names. it has the names of the 40
11:32 am
passengers and crew who passed away. we are following breaking news. police released new information about a double shooting that left one person dead. it happened around 10:30 last night on the 6400 block of gateway boulevard in district heights. a senior at central high school was killed. he was taken to the hospital. we'll have more on what led to the shooting at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. a mother is looking for answers in her daughter's murder. police officers are working with an fbi agent to help solve the murder mystery. police told about the murder of her. they say it was not a random attack. a masked gunman kicked down her door and went to her bedroom, opened fire, killing the teenage honor student. >> no one deserves to die.
11:33 am
no one deserves to be murdered for no apparent reason. i don't know if someone is envious, jealous, got the wrong person, i don't know anything. i hope that no one would intend to shoot my daughter. >> police passed out flyers reminding people of a reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment in the case. robbery does not appear to be the motive behind a shooting inside a rite aid in washington. now police are asking for your help finding the gunman. surveillance shows the man entering the store at 14th and rhode island island. police say he covered his face with a surgical mask and shot an employee. the victim is expected to be okay. surveillance cameras captured someone shooting the owner. the suspect was arrested in that
11:34 am
case. police in the district are investigating a shooting overnight in southeast. it happened around midnight in the 300 block of ridge road near a rental office for d.c. public housing. a man was shot once in the leg, found by people passing by and taken to a nearby hospital. his injury is serious, but he will survive. no arrests in the shooting. >> hundreds of fairfax high school students may have to go to school somewhere else. the problem is expected to get worse in the coming years. the school board voted to launch a boundary study to look for possible solutions. it may not solve many problems. many nearby high schools are also overcrowded. some students assigned to new schools as early as next year. >> i want to hear more about this weather. it's gorgeous. why are we in here? why are we in here? >> tom is out there getting to enjoy it.
11:35 am
has it warmed up, tom? >> yeah. there's plenty of room out here for you guys. >> we're coming. >> come on out. gorgeous morning. a deep blue sky. a big area of high pressure sitting upon us. the air is crystal clear. visibility unlimited. you can see from here to eternity and all the way to capitol hill. a live view from the nbc camera. right around the region, low 70s around the metro area, southern maryland and eastern shore. west and north, in the 60s. the panhandle of west virginia and to the mountains where this morning it was in the 40s and upper 30s. the next several days delightful. upper 70s for highs by mid afternoon. tonight, clear but not as chilly as it was this morning. by dawn, down to the low 50s. during the day wednesday, a sunny day. average high, 81. low 64. we're going to have lows cooler
11:36 am
than average. the afternoon highs about average. still not very humid. friday night and over the weekend getting more humid and a front coming our way may trigger showers saturday evening and off and on sunday. highs near 80 both days. monday, back to work and school, partly sunny, highs around 80. a delightful pattern. enjoy. >> we are going to. construction will start at 7:00 in the morning and last until 7:00 at night. the project should take a year and a half to complete. >> we have heavy traffic earlier today. let's see what it's look k like now. >> mike, what can you tell us?
11:37 am
>> keith, it's looking great out there. northbound 395, the parking lot that was there is gone. just a bit of a delay at the 14th street bridge because of the construction, traffic is getting by. 15 minutes from the beltway to the bridge at 14 miles an hour. this slow coming off 2706789 let's take a live look at river road. it's cleared up. 13 minutes to get from 272 to the parkway. keith, barbara? >> thank you very much. >> we have more on the breaking news story from prince george's county. new information about a double shooting that left a teenager ted. tracee wilkins is live at the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this was an 18-year-old junior on his way to school this morning at central high school when he was gunned down behind me on old central avenue. as you can see, police are out there working the scene right now looking for evidence here in this location. they say around 6:50 this
11:38 am
morning, a call came in for a man down. several calls came in. when they arrived here, they found an 18-year-old. again, he's a junior at central high school here. just a few blocks away from where this happened. police say he was on his way to school when this happened. he spoke with the principal a while ago. he tells us this young man was involved in the modelling club, he was a beloved student. he said quote, this is a young man who deserved to live. prince george county police are just beginning the investigation. it's in the early stages. no suspect information is available. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> tracee wilkins with the latest on that deadly shooting. thank you. a 17-year-old boy shot in the cafeteria on the first day of school in baltimore is finally home. daniel was shot last month at the high school.
11:39 am
he left the hospital yesterday after spending two weeks in the hospital. he has down syndrome and suffered a bruised lung, a wound in his torso. the gunman is being charged as an adult with attempted murder and assault. today, players fans, family and friends will say final good-byes to art modell. last night, they played tribute with helmet decals. a video before the game. he's best known for bringing football back to baltimore and helping to establish monday night football. he died on thursday at the age of 87. government task force says women with an average risk of ovarian cancer don't need annual screenings for the disease. the u.s. preventive services says the screenings don't reduce the numbers of deaths ovarian cancer causes. the panel says the test could do
11:40 am
more harm than good. results are false positive and can lead women who don't have cancer to have major surgery. the next time your kid has a sore throat, don't give them anything. they are suggesting most sore throats be treated without antibiotics. they are caused by a virus, not bacteria. those medications don't work against viruses. they recommend removing their tonsils because of throat infections. the risks of surgery aren't worth it. 11:40. why dermatologists are the first to catch obsessive-compulsive behavior. how hackers got their hands on 1 million id numbers for
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11:43 am
if you thought your iphone or ipad could not be hacked,
11:44 am
recent headlines say different. hackers got their hands on a million id numbers assigned to specific devices. it has people worried. we have what it means for you. >> reporter: the iphone is among the most popular cell phone in the world. each of the hundreds of millions of iphones and ipads out there is assigned a unique series of numbers and letters. a group called anonymous posted 1 million of those numbers online. experts say it's the key that could allow a hacker to track your devices location, revealing where you are, where you have been, as well as allowing access to log ones to your accounts without the need for a password. >> people are going to break into social media accounts and apps, see where they have been.
11:45 am
there's a lot that will happen with it. it's a great playground for hackers to start to experiment. >> reporter: for iphone owners, a huge surprise. >> nobody talks about antivirus programs for the iphone. i assumed nobody could get in. >> reporter: anonymous said they acquired the numbers from an fbi surveillance program. the fbi says they are not the source saying in a statement on twitter, we never had info in question. bottom line, totally false. now, an orlando company, says it's the inadd ver tant source. >> in response to this, we brought in a team to begin evaluating and confirm what happened and put things in place so it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: is that door closed in. >> absolutely closed.
11:46 am
>> reporter: they discovered the data was not an fbi file, rather it came from >> everybody goes crazy about the government having this information. they never think it's bad corporations might have this information. more often than not, the corporations are tracking all this stuff. small gains on wall street. we'll check in with hampton pearson. he joins us live with more on that. hampton? >> hello, barbara. we have stocks in positive territory despite news of an expanding trade deficit. the markets are on hold. at this hour, the dow is up 85 points, nasdaq up ten points and s&p up seven. commerce department says the trade gap with europe is the highest level. it widened to $42 billion. exports to europe down 11% to
11:47 am
183 billion primarily due to weaker auto sales. the recession in europe is spreading. that weakens the u.s. economy. it adds pressure on the federal reserve. now, the feds also keeping an eye on the european debt crisis. today, germany's high court rejected an atefrt to put off a ruling to block germany for a bailout fund for the european union. germany's participation is crucial. upon the biggest market movers on wall street today, citigroup and morgan stanley. they reached and agreement on their jointly owned agreement, the value set at $13.5 billion. the agreement comes after a deadline for an arbitrator to set a price. a little over an hour ago, traders in all the major exchanges pause for a moment of
11:48 am
silence to remember the victims and their families lost on 9/11. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, hampton. have a great day. keith? >> people who pull out their hair, scar, bite, pick and harm their own skin often go to see a dermatologist rather than a psychiatrist. dr. sheryl joins us with how to find the signs of obsessive-compulsive behavior. give us examples. >> it's more common than you would believe. people who pull their hair, they bite their nails, they pluck their eyelashes and eyebrows. in my specialty, we see all of that. more commonly, we see people who pick acne. they can pick their face and develop infections. we see a gamut of
11:49 am
obsessive-compulsive disorders. >> should they be coming to see you? >> we can treat the cue tanious aspect of it. some come after they have damage. obsessive-compulsiveness goes on for quite some time. we like to work with a psychologist or psychiatrist. >> look at those nails. >> yeah, people will bite their nails down to nubs. it can cause problems or infections around the cuticle. we can also see fungal infection and change or abnormality of the nail as it grows out. >> i know this is getting into the difference between a dermatologist and a psychiatrist, but why do people do that? i mean i have obsessive-compulsive behaviors, too, but why do people do it, in your opinion? >> we really don't know. it's a reaction that goes on that makes a person want to repeat a behavior. like, probably more commonly
11:50 am
people think they turn the light off and didn't turn it off. they keep going back to the light switch. those are the ones people are most familiar with. >> that's being senile. >> right. but, you know, sometimes you can see that. a lot of times it's obsessive-compulsive behavior. to pick at something on your face because you don't want to feel a bump is very, very common amongst acne patients. there's certain degrees to it. some people are really under the care of psychiatrists because they can't function on a daily basis. >> how can you tell when it's that as opposed to a bad habit? >> people who bite their nails, i can see abnormalities with the nail plate. normally, what happens is the nail grows from the matrix down
11:51 am
in this region outward. if you affect that over a period of time, you see the change in nail, which is irreversible. you can tell it's been a long, ongoing process. people who pull their hair or pluck their eyelashes, eventually, they don't have eyelashes anymore. >> how would you diagnose this? that's what i do all day. i crack my thumbs and doing it in different ways. that's what i do. >> right. maybe it's obsessive-compulsiveness. yes, you have been diagnosed. >> thank you, i have been wondering why i have been doing that so long. thanks for stopping by. >> you're welcome. >> he does do that all the time. our time now, 11:51. the new trend
11:52 am
anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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one of d.c.s largest high end shopping events sample sakics off today. it will feature more than 20 local boutiques with discounts up to 90% off. there are still general admission tickets available. tickets range from $40 to $250. a northern virginia man
11:55 am
competed in the nation's triathalon this weekend but didn't use an expensive bike. no, he used a capital share bike. he says he's more of a swimmer. that's why he got into it. a friend convinced him to do the whole thing. when he didn't have a fancy road bike, he took another approach. >> kind of ran out of time. i didn't get a bike in time. i figured if i'm going to get a bike, i'm going to spend a decent amount of money and get a decent bike. i tried the capital bike. it sounded fun. >> he did it to benefit the leukemia society. officials were so excited about smith competing using one of their bikes, they are going to refund his cost for doing it. here is an interesting story. tebowing. it's what people did last year. well, it's out. nope, that is out now.
11:56 am
you have to try griffining. it's named afrins quarterback griffin iii. it took off hours on sunday. all you have to do now is put your arms in the air like he did after throwing an 88-yard touchdown. people have been tweeting pictures of themselves griffining all week long. can you do it? >> i can do it. i don't want to take the hit he took to be in that position to have to do it. i can sit here and go like this. >> that's number one in. >> number one. >> we are going to be griffining now. here is a look at the stories we are following. >> pat lawson muse joins us. coming up, we are going talk to you about a store that is banning the penny and how this decision could work in your favor, if you are a customer. the man who decided to pass
11:57 am
money out alongside the road. >> you might have noticed a change in the color scheme on i-66. what is with the red lane and what does it mean for drivers? we'll have the answer for you coming up on news 4 at 5:00. back to you. >> thank you, pat. >> see you then. we'll take a final look at the forecast now. >> everybody is taking the top down, even minivans have their tops down. this morning, we have had a very chilly start. now, as we approach noon, it's hitting the low 70s around the metro area. gorgeous blue sky, dry air over us. this big area of high pressure going to be slowly moving east of the region, overnight. still influencing the weather tomorrow, thursday and friday. each day not too hot or humid. cool mornings, afternoon highs around 80. a front will be approaching on
11:58 am
saturday, increasing the clouds. we could get showers saturday evening and off and on sunday. after that, we dry out for the first part of next week. a wonderful pattern, enjoy. >> doing any kayaking these days? >> mowing. the lawn is turning into a jungle. it needs my attention. >> it's beautiful. >> keep pushing, tom. we'll keep pushing, too. that's news 4 midday. tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for all the days news. >> we'll be back tomorrow with news 4 midday. we hope you plan to join us. have
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